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So Where's the Kobe Tattoo Doppelganger?
While I'm an unabated fan of Bill Simmons, until recently I didn't care much for his podcasts and only listened to them on occasion. Naturally, I had to tune into the awkward chat between him and Rick Reilly last Friday - his fellow ESPN coworker he's "allegedly" been feuding with - as they desperately tried to dispel any tension between them.

If you managed to make it past the first several minutes (it's actually not a bad podcast), you may recall that Reilly recently went around Los Angeles with Kobe Bryant and he asked the Black Mamba about the weirdest fan experience he's ever had. Kobe told him there was a guy who had every single one of his tattoos replicated on his own body, including the names of Kobe's children. Aside from the fact that this is awesomely creepy, surely someone out there must have a picture of this guy for comparison? I searched high and low and found nothing. Step forward Kobe Doppelganger and announce yourself. And please be a white guy, for comedy's sake.

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By: Jay Tierney Comments Basketball

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Posted 5 years, 6 months ago
Lady Lakers Fan
Hilarious - if you ever find a photo of this guy please make sure to post it. Let's hope someone who knows him sees this story and sends in a snapshot.

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