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Jay Cutler Hooks Up with an F-List Celebrity
Jay Cutler is making himself at home in Chicago by hitting the bars and clubs and reportedly hooking up with internet celebrity Julia Allison. Page Six has the scoop, which most likely came from Allison herself with the obvious "gross" comment intended to make it look otherwise...
"He was sitting in a banquette and she was standing between his thighs, touching them and facing him," says a spy. "They were all over each other. It was kind of gross. He was drinking beer all night but she stuck to water." Our witness says Cutler and Allison left together, but not before he asked the deejay to play the Bears' fight song.
If you're not familiar with Ms. Allison, she's a somewhat well known Internet publicity whore (thanks mostly to Gawker) who occasionally appears on cable news shows due to her past work for Star magazine.

The good thing about a girl like Julia is, there's never anything "alleged" about her. The night of April 11th, she naturally updated her Twitter account to report on the events as they were unfolding...

9:44 pm - Dancing at Hub 51 with Jay Cutler from the Bears!

2:00 am - Jay Cutler told me he "liked [my] headband." Without prompting, I might add. !!!!

There's a good chance "showing him my headband" will become the next catch-phrase for fellatio. She didn't post on Twitter again until the following morning, so you can draw your own conclusions from there. I'm a little disappointed in Cutler - can't a top tier NFL quarterback do a little better? I suppose not with that awful haircut.

Anyway, since this article will immediately lead to many of you searching for images of Julia, I'll save you the trouble.

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By: Jay Tierney Comments Hot Chicks, Football, Relationships

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